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Dinosaur Discovery Webquest

About 65 million years ago, before the birth of humankind, dinosaurs dominated the Earth.
Dinosaurs were one of several kinds of prehistoric reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Reptiles."
All that's left of the dinosaurs are fossils and, perhaps, the birds.
Dinosaur fossils have been found all over the world, maybe even near where you live!

Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards
1.8.2.A:Generate questions and locate answers about a specific topic.
1.8.2.B: Conduct research on self-selected or assigned topics using specified sources
1.8.2.C:Share and explain the results of research using visual aids.
3.1.3.C3:Recognize that fossils provide us with information about living things that inhabited the Earth long ago.
3.1.3.C4:Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events.
3.1.3.A1:Describe characteristics of living things that help to identify and classify them.

The Task
Today, you will go on a discovery to learn more about some of the most popular dinosaurs that roamed the Earth.
You will take on the role of dinosaur expert as you conduct your research.
On your adventure, you will uncover answers to questions such as:
What do dinosaurs look like?
How much do dinosaurs weigh?
When did the dinosaurs roam the Earth?
What do dinosaurs eat?
When did dinosaurs become extinct and why?

The Process
Please pick one dinosaur to research and record all of your answers on the worksheet provided.
Once you have completed the webquest, you will work in a group
with other dinosaur experts who researched the same dinosaur as you.
As a team of experts, you will present your dinosaur data to the class.
To begin, please click on one of the four dinosaurs below.

The rubric for this project is posted on the last page.

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